Notice Board

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Dear students,

We are very sorry that the homepage broke down.
Since too many people have logged in at the same time,

The homepage went down starting July 4th 00:01.
Since the homepage didn't work from July 4th 00:01 and Anam Dormitory couldn't get any of the applicants' data successfully, the application will open again with the following schedule.



Application Period

Jul. 7 (KST 11:00) - Jul. 17 (KST 23:59)


1st selectees announcement*(this can vary)

Jul. 22 (KST 16:00)

Residence Hall Fee Payment Deadline (1st selectees ONLY)

Jul. 22 (KST 16:00) - Jul. 31 (KST 23:59)

Once again, we are very sorry for this inconvenience. 😥

-Anam Dormitory Administration Team-