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Student Dormitory

Student Dorm

Opened in

March 1990


Domestic Dorm

Student dormitory is a facility capable of containing approximately 830 domestic undergraduate students. All rooms are for three people and each room offers a loft bunk bed(desk, bookcase, drawer included), chair and wardrobe. Shared bathroom and shower rooms are available on each floor.

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Building Overview

Location 145, Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea GFA 1,947㎡
Structure Reinforced Concrete Floors

Basement and 5 above-ground floors

Maximum Number of Residents & Available Rooms

Male students
Maximum Number of Residents Available Rooms

Triple: 188rooms

Room for disabled: 7rooms

Female students
Maximum Number of Residents Available Rooms

Triple: 81rooms

Room for disabled: 4rooms

Floor Guide

Building Floor Facility
1동 5Floor Room 501~526
4Floor Room 401~426
3Floor Room 301~326
2Floor Room 201~226
1Floor Security Post, Security Staff Rest Area, Switchroom, Office of General Director, Office of Facility Maintenance, Room 102~115
B1Floor Machine Room, Work Studio of Facility Maintenance, Maintenance Staff Rest Area , Storage1
관리동 3Floor Office of Dormitory Supervisor, Gym, Table Tennis Room, Music Practice Room, Reading Room, Storage
2Floor Maintenance Staff Rest Area , Student Center, Book Reserve
1Floor Cafeteria, Waiting Room for Cooking Staff, Nutritionist’s Office
B1Floor Lounge, Men’s Laundry Room , Storage
2동 5Floor Room 501~524
4Floor Room 401~424
3Floor Room 301~324
2Floor Room 201~212
1Floor Room 100~113
B1Floor Lounge, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Room B101~102
3동 5Floor Reading Room, Room 501~519
4Floor Room 401~422
3Floor Room 301~322
2Floor Room 201~222
1Floor Security Post, Security Staff Rest Area, Maintenance Staff Rest Area, Office of Dormitory Supervisor, Computer Lab, Lounge, Oxygen-filled Rest Area, Storage, Room 102~105
B1Floor Machine Room, Laundry Room , Gym, Storage2