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2017년 2학기 안암글로벌하우스 대학원생 1인실 납부기간이 끝났습니다.

미납으로 인하여 공석이 생긴 호실은 지원기간 내에 선발되지 못한 학생들에게 개별 연락하여 충원할 예정입니다.


* 입실 시 결핵감사지를 꼭 지참할 것. (2017-07-01 이후의 검사결과만 유효)

The dormitory fee payment period is over.

If there are any vacant rooms because of non-paid students, it will be occupied with other students below.
- Who applied the dorm during Applying period.
- Who couldn't have a room assignment due to the priority.

We will do individual contact to each student.

Thank you very much.

* TB test result has to be submitted on your check-in date. (Only the result after 1st of Juny, 2017 is available.)