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Let Your Dreams Soar! Welcome to Anam Domitory!

Welcome to KU Anam Dormitory

Dear residents, welcome to Korea University Anam dormitory.

Korea University Anam dormitory is a facility which accommodates more than 3,000 male and female students with student dormitory, Gosidong dormitory, Frontier Hall, Anam Global House, CJ International House and Anam International House.

Anam dormitory is a precious living area where you can fulfill your dreams on the beautiful campus of Korea University, and at the same time, it is a community where students become one family living together. It is also a place where you can learn outside the classroom how to be considerate of others and live with other, living with students from various countries and various majors.

Anam dormitory is always striving to help you live a safe and comfortable life, and to create a sound academic environment with the right balance between freedom and discipline. Anam dormitory wishes that you grow into an promising and challenging leader with the sound mind to contribute to the community by cultivating a good human relationship, communication skills and independent living skills based on mutual consideration and respect.

Korea University Anam dormitory will keep continuing to do its best to establish itself as a cradle for fostering talented people who are essential to our community. Once again, I sincerely welcome you to Anam dormitory, hoping that the experience of living here will remain as an unforgettably good memory for you.

-General Director Prof. Shin Hyeun Jung